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For The Mavic Mini

Wavelength LLC always strives to provide innovative designs and solutions for drone lighting. The Mavic Mini presented unique obstacles, what our designers have created provides a lighting solution that every Mavic Mini owner should experience.

  • Modular Build Design
  • On Board Power Utilized
  • Visual Positioning System Enabled With Zero Ambient Light

The Upper Receiver requires professional installation to safely gain access to the power supply.

The Phosphor is composed of three individual items

The modular build design offers easy upgrade, repair and storage

Power Receiver

Convenient On/Off

Power Line

Can Be Removed To Maintain Compact Form Factor


Three ultra-bright LEDs Illuminate The Environment

The Phosphor is equipped with three ultra-bright LED’s:

Two forward facing - One downward

The existing power supply is used, keeping additional weight minimal without sacrificing power

The Tritium light system uses Three Directional LED's

The Tello's USB Power is used: No additional batteries needed

Enable night flight and unlock the full potential of the RYZE Tello

Coming Soon

Currently In Development

Coming Soon

Currently In Development


The Tritium unlocks the true potential of the RYZE TELLO. The three strategically placed LED’s assist the pilot directionally navigate at a vast distance. No other power supply needed, the TELLO is able to provide power through the USB, keeping the added weight minimized.

Order Now - Contact for Customized LED Color

  • No Exposed Wires
  • On Board Power Utilized
  • Low Light Navigation

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