Phosphor Power Receiver Installation

Tools Required:

  • Screw Driver - J00 or J000 Cross head
  • Spudger or plastic pry
  • Soldering Iron + Solder + Flux Paste (recommended)

The installation process should take approximately 5 - 10 minutes time.

Remove the 4 cross head screws located at the 4 corners of the main chassis.

Turn the Mavic Mini on its back to expose the screw holes.

With precision and caution, gently pry the upper shell free.

There are several snap releases, they are easily damaged.

Thread the provided power wire through the side vent or exposed gap on the left arm.

Depending on the access point chosen please take appropriate measures to ensure all vital components will function when assembled.

Located near the GPS mount screw attached to the ESC board.

Below and above the mount screw, please observe the two exposed copper circles.

The copper exposed circle with writing «GND» is the solder point for the black ground wire.

The copper exposed circle with the writing «3V6» is the solder point for the positive red wire.

Use Extreme Care.

Check solder work and re-assemble.

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