The Tritium Light System For The RYZE Tello


The Tritium light system is designed to be strong and aerodynamic. Applying a combination of innovative solutions created a product that unlocks the full potential of the RYZE Tello.

Night flight

The multi-colored lighting enables the operator to effectively navigate in low light conditions. The integrated USB is used for the power supply.


The aerodynamic shape flows through the air with minimal resistance. The hard covered USB and power line prevent drag and protect.


The Tritium is built along the skeleton of the Tello taking advantage of the existing shape and structural strength.


The Cyclops Spotlight For The DJI Spark


The Cyclops Spotlight enables the Spark operator to perform visually intensive tasks in a low light environment. The Cyclops is the only lighting solution available that is designed specifically for the DJI Spark. The Cyclops has a compartment for the Micro USB and SD cover, it does not need to be removed. A push button On/Off is located on the back.

No Batteries Required

The Cyclops uses the onboard power through USB.

Gimble Protector

A Gimble protector is built into the design of the Cyclops.

Passive Cooling System

A Passive cooling System is used keeping the Cyclops lightweight and energy efficient.


Orbs For The DJI Spark


The Orbs Semi-translucent material is illuminated by the Sparks directional lights, making the lights appear larger and visible at a greater distance. The Orbs are made of a resilient material ideal for absorbing impact.

Night Visibility

The Orbs create a larger surface area for the Sparks lights to illuminate.


Orbs for the spark are strong and provide an extra barrier in case of collision.

Daytime visibility

The Orbs also improve the directional lights Visibility in Daylight.


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Tritium Grey $25

Grey with White Shell
Red Light – Right Arm
Blue Light – Left Arm
White Light – Back Arm



Cyclops Grey $50

Spotlight - Cold White

9000K - 10000K


Orbs Grey $10

Grey Translucent



Tritium Black $25

Black with White Shell
Red Light – Right Arm
Blue Light – Left Arm
Orange Light – Back Arm


Cyclops Black $50

Spotlight - Cold White

9000K - 10000K


orbs Black $10

Black Translucent


Call Now

Call anytime, we are happy to anwser any questions


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